About Dr. Wynns

NWP Kristen WynnsDr. Wynns is a child psychologist with a private practice, Wynns Family Psychology, in Cary, NC.  She has expertise in common childhood and parenting problems such as: behavior problems, temper tantrums, noncompliance, oppositional and defiant behaviors, sleep and eating problems (“picky eaters”), disrespect, and family fighting.  Her approach in working with parents is solution-focused and problem-solving.  Using humor and building on the positives, Dr. Wynns’ practical tips and tools can quickly turn a family from frustrated and furious to connected and content.  NoWimpyParenting.comTM offers parents a menu of resources and services to meet your particular needs.  If you are busy and prefer writing, schedule an hour of email consultations. If you want a “face to face” consultation but live far away, schedule a Skype video consultation. If you live in the area and want to come to the office, schedule an office consultation.  Or if your family prefers an in-depth approach, schedule a half-day or whole day intensive coaching session at your home.  No matter which consultation you choose, the goal is to have you quickly feeling like you’re back in the driver’s seat again.


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